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Here's an early look at Halo Infinite's Season 2 game modes

Ring in the changes.

343 Industries has unveiled an early look at what Halo Infinite players can expect from Season 2, which is due to arrive on 3rd May.

"Knowing the rules of engagement is paramount to success," the developer wrote. "Today, we're giving you an early look at new game modes arriving with Season 2 of Halo Infinite – Landgrab, King of the Hill, and Last Spartan Standing."

So, without further ado, here is a small taster of what is coming in Halo Infinite's second season, Lone Wolves.

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In King of the Hill (a cherished part of previous Halo games ), players will have to battle it out for a neutral hill somewhere on the map. However, 343 has revealed a twist. Unlike the standard King of the Hill game of playgrounds, just because someone has claimed the hill, it doesn't mean that the round is over. Rather, they will earn points for their team for every second they stay on the hill uncontested. These points will go into a "capture bar" and when said bar is full, a new hill will spawn somewhere else on the map.

A similar concept comes with Landgrab. As the name suggests, in this mode players will have to grab three neutral zones on the map. When any one zone has been captured, it will be locked and the team will be given a point for their landgrab. Once all three of these neutral zones have been grabbed, there will be a small intermission, following which three more zones will spawn on the map. Play continues in this way until one team reaches 11 points.

Meanwhile, in Last Spartan Standing, players must fight to be… err… the last Spartan standing.

"In this free-for-all experience, 12 players spawn on Big Team Battle maps with a confined loadout and five respawns," says 343. "Once a player runs out of respawns and can no longer participate, they can either spectate or leave the match without penalty."

But there is more.... If a player gets a kill in the match, they can upgrade to a different weapon, much like in Escalation Slayer.

343 community director Brian Jarrard has previously said the studio understood some fans were "simply out of patience" with the game's various frustrations, and that his team was "certainly not happy to be unable to meet player and community expectations". However, some of these should be addressed as part of the new season, he added.