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Overwatch 2 concept art points to possible battle pass

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Concept art for Overwatch 2 has raised the possibility that Blizzard's hero shooter sequel will include a battle pass.

A concept for the game's main menu, designed by Blizzard senior UI artist Jayson Kirby, has popped up online via Artstation (as spotted by Attack of the Fanboy).

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The image shows a new look for the game's homepage, complete with familiar options to access its hero roster, shop and challenges - but also a separate battle pass option.

It's worth stressing that this image is simply a concept, and Blizzard has not said anything about Overwatch 2 moving to a battle pass-style system.

Similarly, Kirby has labelled the image as "early conceptual work" for the sequel, and the listing of the game's main console platforms (Xbox One and PS4 rather than Series X/S and PS5) suggests this was made some time ago. Indeed, Kirby moved onto another project within Blizzard in 2020.

We've contacted Blizzard for more.

After a long wait, Overwatch 2's closed beta is due to begin later this month with access to new maps, a fresh hero and more.

The long-awaited sequel still lacks a full release date, though things seem to be moving along a little faster since Blizzard said it had "decoupled" its work on the game's PVP and PVE modes.

Last year brought little news on the game, as Blizzard and parent company Activision both faced a barrage of damning reports surrounding its workplace culture.