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Get Sky Broadband's new Gigafast full fibre service for just £52 per month

Sky Broadband's fastest ever FTTP service offers incredible speeds of 900 Mb/s.

Sky Broadband launched its new full fibre broadband package, Gigafast, in April 2022 and it's their fastest FTTP service yet.

If you and your family or housemates all regularly play online multiplayer games, work from home and often watch content on Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and other streaming services on separate devices - you'll more than likely benefit from all that Sky Broadband Gigafast has to offer. Ahead, we thought we'd share the benefits of the new package and why it might be worth considering switching or upgrading to.

Before we dive in, you can also compare Sky Broadband's other great full fibre offerings, including their Superfast, Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus services over at our best Sky Broadband deals guide. Our best full fibre (FTTP) broadband deals guide can also help you compare prices and speeds with other popular full fibre providers.

Now then, where were we? Oh yes. Sky Broadband Gigafast benefits!

The new package is 25x faster than the average speed of Sky’s Superfast 35 package and offers incredible speeds of 900 Mb/s. It also has a Speed Guarantee of 600 Mb/s, which basically means you can claim a month's subscription back if your speed falls below the minimum average speed.

These impressive speeds come with no usage caps, meaning you can play multiplayer games direct from the cloud with low latency and no delays to your gaming experience. It also lets you quickly download games and buffer large game updates seamlessly. Plus, if your household is regularly watching movies or gaming online in multiple rooms at the same time, Gigafast can give you the freedom to stream and game on multiple devices wihout needing to kick anyone off.

And speaking of devices, Gigafast lets you connect more than 120 devices at the same time to its full fibre broadband. If you add up your devices that need a WiFi connection, be it your PC, consoles, phones, security cameras and other smart devices around your home, you probably have more than you thought! So if you and others in your home own a similar amount of devices, and plan to add new gadgets in the future, Gigafast has got you covered.

Sky Broadband Gigafast is available to new and existing customers in FTTP areas for just £52 per month on an 18-month contract (normally £55). Prices may change during contract term.

If Gigafast is unavailable in your area, you can check out Sky Broadband's next best full fibre services below. The prices for Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus are exclusive via the links below and cheaper than going to Sky direct, so if you want to save a few quid, be sure to use the links here.

  • Superfast – average download speeds of 59 Mb/s- £28 per month on an 18 month contract - prices may change during contract term.
  • Ultrafast – average download speeds of 145 Mb/s- £32 per month on an 18 month contract - prices may change during contract term.
  • Ultrafast Plus – average download speeds of 500 Mb/s- £42 per month on an 18 month contract - prices may change during contract term.
  • Gigafast- average download speeds of 600 Mb/s - £52 per month on an 18 month contract - prices may change during contract term.

If Sky Broadband isn't for you then remember you can always check out our guide about the best full fibre broadband deals from a wide range of providers. And if you'd like to hear about other deals on games, peripherals and other cool tech offers, you can follow Jelly Deals on Twitter.

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