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Horizon Forbidden West's latest patch will stop players getting stuck in the bathroom

Nature calls.

Guerrilla has released another patch for Horizon Forbidden West, and this one will stop players from getting stuck in the bathroom within the Base.

Along with this particular fix, this latest Forbidden West patch (patch 1.12) continues to address other small issues, covering everything from the UI to NPC animations.

Please note, there may be some story spoilers included within these fixes.

Cover image for YouTube videoHorizon Forbidden West - Story Trailer | PS5, PS4

This update also sees several instances of improved visuals within the game. Guerrilla has now added a new cinematic camera in The Arena. This means that, when ending a challenge, players will no longer see the camera pointing at a wall. In addition to this, the developer has brightened up the night-time lighting around Jagged Deep (a black box location).

There had been reports from some players that the Thornmarsh Melee Pit Master would mysteriously turn invisible if they tried restarting a save from a specific moment. Well, not anymore, as this has been fixed now, and we can see them in all their glory once again.

As well as all this, Guerrilla has calmed Aloy down a bit during her looting escapades. As such, she will no longer bounce on the spot for up to 10 seconds when picking up items: "The celebratory loot raves are over, but they live on in memory," Guerrilla wrote.

Meanwhile, the developer is continuing to tweak the "game's content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering".

You can check out the full notes from Guerrilla's latest Horizon Forbidden West patch below.