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PS5 stock drops at Amazon for the first time in ages

PlayStation 5 disc and digital consoles were available for Amazon Prime members.

PlayStation 5 stock was finally available again at Amazon UK today. This was the first time that Amazon has restocked the PS5 console in maybe just over a month.

The online retailer restocked both the standard disc edition and digital edition and were only available to Amazon Prime members. Customers will have needed to be incredibly quick as both versions sold out in minutes.

The latest Amazon PS5 drop went live just before 8:30am and are no longer in stock. There weren't any bundles available today either. If you were unsucessful landing one this morning and want to be in with a chance to snag one the next time Amazon or any other retailers drop, you can stay up to date with the latest PS5 stock news via our Jelly Deals Twitter page and our PS5 stock checker page.

A standalone PS5 disc console costs £449.99 - that includes the PS5 disc console and the new DualSense Wireless controller, along with a HDMI cable and other cables.

A standalone PS5 Digital Edition console costs £359.99 and comes with the PS5 Digital Edition console, the new DualSense Wireless controller, and the above cables. As the name suggests, you cannot play physical copies of games on this console.

If you were able to snag one of Amazon's PS5 bundles today, then huge congratulations! Your wallet is probably feeling a little lighter but it'll be worth it! If you're after some new PS5 games to play on your shiny new console, we've found some great PS5 deals on games, accessories and more over on our dedicated PS5 deals page.

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