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Save 15% on a Nintendo Switch Sports pre-order with this promo code

Pre-order the game at Currys and you can also save 40% off a 256 GB Micro SD card.

Nintendo Switch Sports is out this week on Friday 29th April 2022, and you can already bag it for a bargain when you pre-order a physical copy of the game at Currys.

The retailer is offering a 15 per cent discount when you use the code 'SWITCHSPORTS' at the checkout, bringing the price down to just £30.59. You can also make a new fashion statement when sporting your free pre-order gift- a swanky Nintendo Switch Sports silicon bracelet.

If you fancy taking a swing at this new iteration of Wii Sports, you'll be able to play six fun sports in single player, co-op and online multiplayer. These include Wii Sports classics such as bowling and tennis, as well as badminton, football, volleyball and Chambara sword fighting. You can also create and customise your own avatar, and compete in leaderboards in Pro League mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoNintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Sports' RRP is £39.99 for a physical copy and £30.99 for a digital copy, so you're essentially getting the physical version for cheaper than the digital game if you pre-order at Currys. The added bonus of buying the physical version is that you get a leg strap accessory to slip the Joy-Con into. It basically helps measure your real-world actions and turns them into in-game movements when playing the Soccer Shoot-Out mode. If you have one of the similar looking leg straps for Ring Fit Adventure, you could probably use it as an extra when playing in Co-Op mode.

But that's not all Currys is offering! You can also save a handy 40% off a 256GB Nintendo SanDisk SD Card when you pre-order Nintendo Switch Sports. You'll receive the discount coupon code via email on the day of release of the game, which is 29th April 2022, and you'll have six months to use it. The good thing is you can use the code in-store or online.

Currys is currently selling the 256GB Nintendo SanDisk Micro SD card for £39.99, so providing they don't change the price any time soon, you can save around £16, and making it just £24. Pretty decent saving if you want the official Nintendo SD card, and you need extra storage for your Nintendo Switch games.

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