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Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sports: price, bundles and deals

The best places to get the new sports game for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sports is out now (29th of April). It's a reboot of the classic Wii Sports game, and is available to play on Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED, but it won't work on Nintendo Switch Lite.

Wii Sports became a staple in living rooms back in 2006 thanks to its easy-to-play selection of sports that required skill to master, were a lot of fun, and could be played with others. Nintendo Switch Sports is brining back two of the sports from the Wii version, Tennis and Bowling, and is adding four new sports with Chambara, Football (Or Soccer), Badminton, and Volleyball. A Golf mode will also make it's way into the game as a free update in the autumn.

The Nintendo Switch has been out for five years now, and with the Joy-Con controllers having motion sensors in them it always felt like a Wii Sports style of game was a big miss from the Nintendo Switch library. Now it's finally here you can get back to challenging your family and friends in a variety of sports. Find out where to buy it in the UK and US below.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sports, versions and bonus content

There's only one physical edition of Nintendo Switch Sports, that comes with one leg strap accessory to attach a Joy-Con to your leg. You can get bundles that include an extra leg strap, or purchase one seperately. Nintendo Switch Sports is available from lots of retailers, including Game, ShopTo and Currys in the UK and from GameStop and Best Buy in the US. The digital edition of Nintendo Switch Sports doesn't come with a leg strap accessory, however these can be bought separately from various retailers and My Nintendo Store. It's also worth noting that if you already have the Ring Fit Adventure leg strap, you probably won't need to pick up additional Nintendo Switch Sports ones.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sports in the UK

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sports in the US

Nintendo Switch Sports Bundles

In the UK, you can get Nintendo Switch Sports in various bundles at Game. Bundles include the base game with an extra leg strap, two t-shirts, and a Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED console. Check out the different bundles below. Very is also offering a console bundle with Nintendo Switch Sports for £296.

Nintendo Switch Sports bundles UK

We hope that's helped you buy the New Switch Sports game with enough leg straps for all the people you'll be competing against. If you've got a big Switch library, or if you're getting a Switch now this game is out, it's good to get some more storage for it. Have a read of Digital Foundry's best micro SD cards for the Switch guide to help you upgrade. Also be sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account so you stay up-to-date on game releases, deals and more.