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One of Elden Ring's most notorious bosses is now even more difficult

Even Let Me Solo Her is struggling.

One of Elden Ring's most difficult bosses has now been made even trickier.

It's thanks to a bug in the latest update that causes the infamous Malenia to self-heal when other players are summoned in to help.

The bug was spotted by the now legendary player Let Me Solo Her, who regularly leaves a summon sign outside the boss fight to help those struggling to defeat her.

Watch on YouTube

A YouTube video from the player shows the problem: Malenia is meant to self-heal but only when striking the player. Now she can self-heal at any point if another player is summoned.

The latest update, more intentionally, nerfed the Swarm of Flies incantation that was previously a popular strategy against Malenia. Other balance changes were also included.

Let Me Solo Her has even been made into a summonable spirit ash thanks to a new mod.

If you're struggling with the bosses of Elden Ring, check out our guide.

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