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Nobody Saves the World coming to PlayStation and Switch


Developer Drinkbox Studios has announced its action RPG Nobody Saves the World is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch on 14th April.

In addition to releasing on new platforms, Drinkbox is also introducing an updated local co-op mode for the game on the same day across all platforms.

Cover image for YouTube videoNobody Saves the World - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

In Nobody Save the World, players take on the role of the titular Nobody. However, Nobody has a special trick up their sleeve, as they have access to a nice shiny wand. And this wand allows Nobody to transform into a wide variety of different creatures.

By variety, I really do mean variety.

Nobody can become a rat, a dragon or even a robot during any given playthrough. These characters all have different stats and attributes that they bring to the game.

When Donlan reviewed Nobody Saves the World on Xbox, he awarded it with the Eurogamer recommended badge, calling it “a surprisingly big game, and extremely replayable.

"Drinkbox's latest is as polished and colourful as you might expect - and it's as generous too... I had fun. I am still having fun."

Those looking to give Nobody Saves the World a shot on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles can preorder the game now to get ten percent off.