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Grand Theft Auto 5 boxed dates announced

The boys are back in town.

Those looking to purchase a physical copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S will be able to so on 12th April, with pre orders available now.

Boxed versions of GTA5 are retailing at £24.99 from outlets such as GAME in the UK (click here for the PS5 version and here for the Xbox Series X version).

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Unless you particularly want to have a boxed version of the game to add to your collection, however, it is worth noting that digital copies of GTA5 are considerably cheaper.

For Xbox Series X/S owners, a bundle with both Grand Theft Auto 5’s Story Mode and GTA Online costs £17.49, down from £34.99, until 14th June. Separately, GTA Online is listed at £8.99, down from £17.99.

Over on PS5, GTA Online and GTA 5 Story Mode can be picked up together for cheaper still, costing just £8.75 for both on the PlayStation Store. After this initial promotional period (also ending on 14th June), the pair will then cost £34.99.

Digital Foundry's Alex had a whirl with the latest rendition of GTA 5, and reported that while it could be better, the new gen upgrade for the game is the "best version yet".

"Technically, I think the new Grand Theft Auto 5 is the preferred version of the game - a big improvement over the PS4/Xbox One era rendition and better in many respects than the PC game too," Alex wrote.

However, Alex felt, “Rockstar could have pushed harder to deliver more," and warns players not to go in “expecting an upgrade on par with something like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition.

"In terms of 'next gen' upgrades, what we're effectively getting here is the obligatory 60fps upgrade, a touch of RT and a smattering of pleasing refinements."

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