Metro Exodus

Far from just another map-clearing game, Metro's first above-ground outing is an atmospheric, characterful voyage across a ruined Russia.


Digital Foundry | Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition - the ray tracing showcase tested on Xbox Series X/S

Built from the ground up for RT, but can consoles really deliver 60fps?

Digital Foundry | Inside Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition: the first triple-A ray tracing game

DF tests the first major game release that demands an RT-capable graphics card.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be a separate product and free to existing owners

"Didn't think Metro Exodus could look any better? Hold our vodka."

Digital Foundry | 4A Games on next-gen: "We are fully into ray tracing"

And teasing even more exciting features in the pipeline.

Metro Exodus launches on Steam this month

A year after hitting the Epic Games store.

Digital Foundry | Metro Exodus DLC takes its ray tracing to the next level

The Two Colonels tech adds extra realism to the traditional Metro aesthetic.

Deep Silver deactivates Metro Exodus Steam keys stolen from a factory

"We were not aware that they had gotten into the wrong hands."

Digital Foundry | The Metro Exodus ray tracing experience: can we run at 4K60 locked?

And can lower-end Nvidia RTX cards sustain 60fps at 1080p?

Metro Exodus players are leaving thousands of positive reviews - on Steam

Despite the Epic Games store exclusivity controversy.

Metro Exodus Diary locations explained

Where to find all 71 diary locations in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus Postcard locations explained

Where to find all 21 postcard locations in Metro Exodus.

Digital Foundry | Metro Exodus: a vision for the future of graphics technology

Impressive on consoles, but PC is a genuine game-changer.

Feature | The secret stories of Metro

'An empire of myths and legends'.

Fallout from Metro Exodus Epic Games store exclusivity gets messy

Publisher responds to impassioned comment from dev.

Epic's latest PC exclusive is Metro Exodus

UPDATE: Deep Silver owner THQ Nordic distances itself from announcement.

Metro Exodus comes out a little earlier than expected

Now on the same day as Crackdown 3 and Far Cry New Dawn.

Digital Foundry | How Metro Exodus uses Nvidia ray tracing to stunning effect

And the challenges facing developers using the cutting-edge RTX tech.

Metro Exodus out autumn 2018

Here's a snazzy new trailer.

Metro goes open-world in Metro Exodus

UPDATE: Coming to PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10.