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Metro Exodus' Artyom Custom Edition is so fancy, only ten have been made

And 4A Games is giving nine away.

Developer 4A Games' long-awaited post-apocalyptic sandbox shooter Metro Exodus is now just over a month away - and, as you'd expect, the studio's marketing efforts are rapidly gathering speed. And now, as part of its pre-release publicity pre-amble, 4A Games has unveiled Metro Exodus' lavish Artyom Custom Edition - it's so fancy, in fact, that only ten have been made.

The Artyom Edition is a bit of a Metro fan's dream, stuffed full of collectibles inspired by some of the series' most iconic imagery - and all, 4A explains, are either authentic real-world items or have been hand-made with the help of DB Props at Shepperton Studios.

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As revealed in the video above by Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the Metro novels that inspired the games, the Artyom Edition features a gas mask and filter, a functional Bullet Lighter crafted from a decommissioned shell, a steel Spartan dog tag (engraved with the recipient's name, natch), plus the centrepiece: a fully-functioning, hand-made Nixie Watch - all of which should be familiar to anyone that's experienced the post-apocalyptic thrills of a Metro title previously.

Rounding things off are a leather map case and map of the Aurora's journey, plus a certificate of authenticity signed by Glukhovsky and 4A's Andrew Prokhorov.

Of the ten Artyom Editions that have been created, one will live on in the bowels of 4A, and the studio says that it will be giving away the remaining nine as competition prizes in the run up to Metro Exodus' release. Which is certainly more agreeable than the charge-hundreds-of-pounds-for-random-tat model that some publishers have adopted in recent times.

No specifics regarding the giveaways have been revealed as yet, but 4A advises fans to keep an eye on its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, or to register on its website for further details. Metro Exodus, meanwhile, comes to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on February 15th.

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