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Saints Row, Dead Island and Metro owner Koch announces Summer Game Fest livestream


Koch Media has announced a livestream as part of Summer Game Fest.

Koch Primetime is set to take place at 8pm UK time on 11th June.

Koch Media releases video games under the Deep Silver publishing label, and owns the likes of Saints Row, Dead Island and Metro. It also recently set up a new studio to revive TimeSplitters.

So, what can we expect from the show? It feels like now is about time for Deep Silver to finally unveil the next big Saints Row game, which we know has been in development at Volition in Champaign, IL for some time. The last full entry to the series was back in 2013 when Saints Row 4 was released, and with the expansion Gat out of Hell releasing in 2015, fans have been waiting over six years for a new adventure in the franchise.

It also feels like now is the time for Deep Silver to re-reveal Dead Island 2, which has been in some form of development for nearly a decade. It's currently in the works at Nottingham-based Homefront: The Revolution maker Dambuster Studios.

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Perhaps we'll also get a glimpse of what's next for the Metro series. The last entry in the franchise, Metro Exodus, came out in 2019. Could developer 4A Games be readying a teaser for the next title?

It feels too early for TimeSplitters' return, given the new Free Radical Design studio in Nottingham is only in its early stages.

Still, Koch Media - via Deep Silver - has plenty of cool games under its belt, so this one may well be worth tuning in for.