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Steam hosts Ukrainian Games Festival to celebrate country's independence day

Presented by Indie Cup and Ukrainian Games.

Ukrainian Games Festival 2023
Image credit: Steam

The Ukrainian Games Festival is currently being hosted on Steam, to celebrate the country's Independence Day.

The festival is being presented by Indie Cup and Ukrainian Games with support from Valve, and features 337 games, 77 demos, 95 in-development games.

There is a range of discounted titles, all of which have been created by Ukrainian game developers. This includes everything from blockbusters to indies, puzzlers to shoot 'em ups and more.

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Well-known titles such as Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl by GSC Games World, Metro Exodus by 4A Games and Sherlock Holmes The Awakened by Frogwares are all currently available at a discounted price.

Meanwhile, intriguing looking recent releases such as Frogvival (a survival game where you consume creatures and then add the DNA to you) and witchy-roguelike Bosorka are also available to purchase for a fraction of their normal price.

As for demos, you can try your hand at games such as Football, Tactics & Glory (described as "XCOM meets Football Manager") and psychedelic cat game, Puss! by teamcoil.

Image credit: Teamcoil

Ukraine War Stories is also participating in Steam's Ukrainian Games Festival.

Released in October last year, this game is a set of visual novels all about the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. All of its stories are based on real events and eyewitness accounts during the early months of the war.

"24th August is the Independence Day of Ukraine, and that day is so much more crucial today when our independence is being questioned by the invading army on the battlefield as we speak," developer Starni Games wrote.

"But no more words - just dive right into the awesome Ukrainian games and we hope you will get to play lots of great titles throughout the festival and celebrate our countries’s existence with us!"

Ukraine War Stories
Image credit: Starni Games.

The Ukrainian Games Festival will run until 24th August. There is a really great looking collection of games, and I have far from mentioned them all, so I fully suggest you take a good look for yourself.

Here's the link to the festival's page on Steam for more.

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