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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened delayed due to ongoing war in Ukraine

"We're doing our best to push on."

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, from Ukrainian studio Frogwares, has been delayed due to the ongoing war in the country.

Originally aiming for a late February or early March release date, the studio is now targeting a release of late March / early April.

While development of the game has been particularly challenging since April 2022, it's been especially difficult during the winter. The studio released a video update in December depicting life in Ukraine during the ongoing war.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened | First Gameplay TrailerWatch on YouTube

A further video update has been released (below), showing the frequent blackouts affecting the studio. Be warned, it's quite a harrowing watch.

Game Delayed - Sherlock Holmes The AwakenedWatch on YouTube

"We had been trying so hard to make our planned release window, but the continual interruptions to power on top of the frequent missile attacks since October meant we had to replan and reschedule almost every month," said Frogwares head of publishing Sergiy Oganesyan.

"We're now at the spot where the game is content complete so we need to move into doing final QA, polishing and launch setup. To say we are tired of how much all this has derailed our day to day work since the start of winter is an understatement. But we're doing our best to push on. Once we feel we are maybe a month away from release, we'll be able to announce our full release date with an exact day."

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened will release across PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch.