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Metro Exodus Postcard locations explained

Where to find all 21 postcard locations in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus Postcards are one of the few collectables you can find out in the open world.

They offer no real gain unless you're a completionist or hoping to strive for the 'Old World Pictures' trophy/ achievement. They merely offer incentive to be daring and explore the awe-inspiring, post-apocalyptic environments of the game more thoroughly.

It's worth noting that unlike the Metro Exodus diary locations that are scattered more liberally, postcards are dotted few and far between and are not actually present in all chapters.

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How Metro Exodus postcard locations work

There's a grand total of 21 postcards to collect across the 10 chapters of the game. You can track your progress and view the postcards you've acquired in the pause menu under collectibles.

This Metro Exodus Postcard locations page will show the locations of the postcards in the order they appear - for the most part. The map isn't accessible at certain points during the game so where necessary a wide shot has been provided to help distinguish the location of the collectible.

Chapter 1 - Moscow postcard locations

There are only 2 postcards to be found in chapter 1 which primarily serves as a tutorial level.

Postcard 1 location

After waking up in the hospital following the Watchmen ambush in the Metro tunnels, continue through the medical wing until you come to a green door through which you can see Anna and Miller conversing. Look to your right and on the top left corner of a locker you'll find the postcard.

Note: We found the collectable before taking these screens:

Postcard 2 location

Cutting to one week later, you'll find yourself outside the safety of the Moscow Metro system. After a cutscene with Anna you'll descend down into a building. Traverse only one flight of stairs and turn right into a corridor and right again into an apartment building. Directly opposite the entrance on the right of the window is postcard number 2.

Note: We found the collectable before taking these screens:

Chapter 3 - The Volga postcard locations

The Volga is the first point at which Exodus' environments open up, offering you free reigns to explore the hostile wasteland at your own leisure. There are 5 postcards to be found in this chapter.

Postcard 3 location

The story will naturally take you to a church of cultists. On the left-hand side of the building you'll find a room with a ladder that takes you up to some barracks. On the back right wall is the first postcard of the chapter.

Postcard 4 location

The story path will usher you to Krest's crane hideout. Postcard 4 can be found in his room on the right-hand side of the door that exits out to the zipline.

Note: We found the collectable before taking these screens:

Postcard 5 location

Head out to the far north east past the bridge that connects the lair of the leader of the religious fanatics to the mainland and find a van (of sorts) on the road with a green door on the back. Open the door and immediately look to your right to find the postcard.

Postcard 6 location

East towards the home of the Tsar-fish (the story will see you in this area anyway) and along the tracks you'll find a shack by some metal gates with a green door. Directly on the wall opposite you'll find the postcard.

Postcard 7 location

This postcard is procured in the very final mission of The Volga chapter once you enter the cultist's fort across the bridge in the north eastern region of the map. After taking the elevator up a floor, keep right and break through a locked door to enter a room with a fire. To the right of the fire on the wall is the postcard.

Chapter 4 - Yamanatu postcard locations

This chapter is considerably shorter, adopting a corridor approach with only 2 postcards to collect.

Postcard 9 location

Postcard 9 is annoyingly acquired before postcard 8. After seperating from the rest of your fellow Spartans, you'll navigate a few rooms on your lonesome dispensing of cannibals. You'll eventually enter an icy room (like a morgue).

Press on through the room until you squeeze through into an area with a powerbox. Below and to the left of this is a crawlspace. Proceed through it and on the wall opposite is the postcard. (This is the same room as a Diary location).

Postcard 8 location

In the room where you save Anna from the crazed doctor, a cutscene will ensue and following this you'll make your way towards some doors. Nestled in some pipes on the left-hand side is the postcard.

Chapter 6 - The Caspian postcard locations

The Caspian is another mini open-world section that'll see you journeying back and forth as you scout out it's 5 postcards.

Postcard 10 location

As soon as you step off the Aurora, enter the building beside it. On the inside wall to the left of the entrance is the postcard.

Postcard 11 location

The story will see you venture to a lighthouse in the north of the map. At the very top you'll meet a new friendly face, Guil. The postcard is on your immediate right as you enter her humble abode.

Postcard 12 location

Northeast of the Aurora is a ship (directly north of a fork in the train tracks in accordance with the map). Work your way up to the control room of the ship and on the right-hand side of the main entrance is the postcard.

Postcard 13 location

Proceeding with the story will see you nab postcard 13 before postcard 12. Work your way up to the very northwest point of the map where the oasis is situated. Follow Damir down the slope and continue forwards until you see a rusted truck parked in the open. The postcard is on the inside right wall.

Postcard 14 location

In the bottom right-hand corner of the map are two structures, one of which being a hangar. Enter and battle your way through the waves of Humanimals inside to find the postcard on a crate at the very back.

Chapter 8 - The Taiga postcard locations

Open-world action makes it's return in the forest setting of Taiga. Although, the story is a driving force in this section there's still 5 postcards on offer for those who care to stray from the beaten path.

Postcard 15 location

When you first regain control of Artyom after a cutscene, you'll proceed up some stairs where you'll obtain a crossbow. Enter the building to your right, turn left inside and clear the cobwebs in the adjacent room with your lighter to reveal a postcard on a cabinet.

Postcard 16 location

Proceed right after you exit the gate from the starting area and follow the signs to the children's camp. Walk on through until you find a bridge in which you'll be taunted by pirates on the other side.

Instead of crossing, jump down the slope on your left and follow the road round to the left until you enter a big house with a basement. Walk straight from the doorway you enter through until you reach a bookcase with the postcard on the side.

Postcard 17 location

As you press on with the story, you'll come to a point in which you'll zipline into a canyon. As you stroll through this canyon, you'll encounter a tunnel on your right.

Traverse the claustrophobic crawl spaces of the tunnel to eventually emerge in amongst a cluster of houses overrun with pirates. Head towards the house that's totally overgrown with foliage with two flights of stairs leading up to it. In the second room you'll postcard 17 on the left wall beside a doorway.

Postcard 18 location

The story path will direct you to a marsh area occupied by a crazy old guy known as the Admiral (and a few mutant shrimps). After turning on the generators and taking the lift up to the second floor, you'll enter the Admiral's room where you'll find the postcard on the right wall surrounded by numerous other pictures.

Postcard 19 location

After navigating the perilous underground section overrun with mutant critters, you'll reunite will Alyosha in a street of six houses. Make sure you don't proceed to the end of the street without picking up the collectibles as it will trigger a cutscene that will end the chapter.

Enter the middle house on the right and turn into the room on the left and look to the left inside wall to find the postcard.

Chapter 10 - The Dead City postcard locations

For the conclusive chapter of the game, Exodus resumes it's more corridor-style gameplay as it you return to the dingy confines of the Metro system. The Dead City is where you'll find the final 2 postcards.

Postcard 20 location

Once in the Metro system, you'll eventually squeez through a gap only to be greeted by your first combat encounter of the chapter. Proceed into a little office right of where you entered and the postcard can be located in between two blue lockers that are on your right as you enter.

Postcard 21 location

After trudging through the Metro system with Miller for a while you'll encounter a new character called Kirill and eventually retreat back to his hideout. The final postcard of the game is stuck to the middle tile column supporting the room.

All done? Make sure you pick up any remaining Metro Exodus Diary locations you've missed!

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