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Metro Exodus launches on Steam this month

A year after hitting the Epic Games store.

Metro Exodus launches on Steam at 5am UK time on Saturday 15th February.

Its release on Valve's platform comes a year the PC version launched on the Epic Games store and the Windows Store.

Metro Exodus was one of the first games to jump ship from Steam to Epic's platform - much to the annoyance of some Steam users.

While some took to review-bombing previous Metro games on Steam, after Metro Exodus launched, and with user reviews absent from the Epic Game store, some left positive reviews for the game on Steam - a reverse Steam review-bombing that ended with a "very positive" user review score for a game that wasn't sold on the platform.

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"Those of you that have been waiting, thank you for your passion and patience," developer 4AGames said in a tweet announcing Metro Exodus' Steam release plan.

Based on our Metro Exodus review, it'll be worth the wait. "Far from just another map-clearing game, Metro's first above-ground outing is an atmospheric, characterful voyage across a ruined Russia," wrote Edwin.

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