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EA rushes to pull leaked Skate 4 footage

See you later, boy.

EA has rushed to pull pre-alpha footage of Skate 4 which was leaked online last night.

The footage was uploaded on the video-hosting site Odysee before being quickly taken down a few hours later.

But the clip was quickly spread online after it was tweeted by notable industry insiders, Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb.

Cover image for YouTube videoWe’re Working On It | skate.

The clip shows the early development of the game, with the player character skating down a road doing tricks and the character walking freely making jumps. According to Henderson, the map is known as "Fun Town".

EA announced that production has begun for the successor to the critically acclaimed Skate 3 back in June 2020.

In January 2021, EA announced Full Circle, the new studio behind the new game, based in Vancouver, Canada.

We then got a teaser last July telling fans the game was still in active development, while in August it was announced the game would be released on PC, a first for the series.

But since then it has been extremely quiet. Perhaps we may see more news over this summer’s games events.