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Yet more Skate 4 details have leaked online

A wheel problem for EA.

New details from the recent playtest for Skate 4 have leaked online.

The leak was shared on reddit and pertains to an early alpha test - meaning details may well not be representative of the final game.

Here, a new map from the Skate 4 playtest called Fun City was shown. This was likely only a small section of the full map.

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As well as this map, the leaker went into more details about other areas of gameplay including character customisation and the in-game currency.

"In the playtest there were some different shirts and cap colors which could be equipped and in the final game it's crucial to progress in the game and improve your skills in order to unlock new clothes and items. For example you need a certain skill level to purchase clothes from Dime," they explained.

The leaker also revealed they think the game is set for release around October, as there were "a lot of stickers and decorations [that] were Hellowe'en themed". They go on to say this will probably be next year rather than this year as the game is still in pre-pre-pre alpha.

The leaker noted that, from what they have seen so far, there is no sign of Hall of Meat mode yet. However, they went on to compliment the game's ragdoll physics, comparing them favourably to the stiffer physics seen in Skate 3.

The playtest reportedly also had "crafting material and blueprints for skate park items" throughout and emotes are set to make their return.

This is not the only leak for Skate 4 that we have had recently.

In April, EA rushed to pull pre-alpha footage of Skate 4 which was leaked online. This footage showed the early development of the game, with the player character skating down a road doing tricks and the character walking freely making jumps.

A slight variation with this leak was that those who reported the footage called the map Fun Town, rather than Fun City as above.

Skate 4 has been in production since 2020 and is being developed new EA studio Full Circle.