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Horizon Forbidden West gets another new patch

More Erends to run.

Following on from a patch released only last week, Guerrilla has released yet another update for Horizon Forbidden West today.

This update continues to add improvements to the game, covering everything from the UI to the machines that roam through Horizon's futuristic yet primal world.

Cover image for YouTube videoHorizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4

An issue with Melee Pits progression has been resolved with this patch, as have the multiple instances of machines getting stuck outside of the player’s reach during Side Quest objectives, thus conditionally blocking progression.

Amusingly, Guerrilla has also added subtitles for the lyrics of the title song "In the Flood" to the game, proclaiming this means it’s "time for a karaoke session".

So, will you now be breaking out the mic to sing a ballad for Aloy and co?

To accompany these notes, Guerrilla also released a tweet addressing content creators specifically.

"Please note we are aware of streams being interrupted when playing on 1080p and 60fps, after saving at campfires," the developer wrote.

"To avoid this from happening, it’s advised to select a lower broadcast quality or lower framerate, for example, 1080p and 30fps, or 720p and 60fps."

Despite Guerrilla only just releasing these patch notes today, many of Horizon Forbidden West's community had already noticed some changes being made in the game. Namely, Aloy's new loot animations.

Animations may be an oversell actually. In fact, what players can now do is turn off pickup animations so that Aloy instantly grabs nearby resources, speeding up the flow of exploration considerably.

You can check out the full notes from Guerrilla's latest Horizon Forbidden West patch below.