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Guerrilla releases another Horizon Forbidden West patch

Erends to run.

Another new patch has been released for Horizon Forbidden West. (Please note some of the following fixes may contain story spoilers for the game.)

As with previous patches, this latest update continues to address bugs and improve the game's graphical performance. However, most excitingly for the completionists among us, it also addresses an issue preventing players from getting the 100 percent completion notice in their notebook. Huzzah!

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While Guerrilla is continuing to improve upon Horizon Forbidden West's graphical output, with this patch bringing improvements related to sharpness within the game, the team is continuing to make adjustments "to the game's content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering."

Other fixes include Aloy no longer getting stuck underwater during the "The Deluge" side quest. Additionally, in this same quest, Snapmaws will no longer get stuck inside the walls and out of Aloy's reach.

Another side quest that will see improvements is the "Sons of Prometheus Data". In this case, ambushers that once "took the term 'ghosted' to a new level" will now remain present after dying.

The team asks that the Horizon Forbidden West community continue to inform them of any issues through the game's support form.

The full notes from Guerrilla can be read below.

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