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After revealing Master Chief's face, the Halo TV series has now shown his nude bum

The cheek of it.

Paramount's Halo TV has revealed yet more of its famously-suited star - and fans remain split on whether this is a good thing.

After revealing the face of Master Chief (AKA actor Pablo Schreiber) in its premiere episode, the series' third slice has now unveiled his naked bottom.

Fans have expressed surprise at seeing their suited hero standing in the butt, sorry, buff during the episode screened last night via Paramount+ in the US. (The show remains unavailable to watch in the UK.)

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Why is the Chief naked? Without spoiling anything major, he's inspecting an object lodged at the base of his spine - and, because he's Master Chief, he plans to perform the surgery to remove said object himself.

Showing Chief's bum is perhaps another example of the TV show (which has been declared non-canon) deviating from established Master Chief lore. In which case, you should feel free to carry on imagining Master Chief's bum however you like.

Or perhaps it's an example of Paramount's "mission statement" to show a more human side to Master Chief. But is this a side too far?