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Master Chief's face revealed in Paramount's Halo TV series

Spoilers ahead.

Paramount's Halo adaptation finally got its debut yesterday, having been stuck in production for what seems like forever. And, in the very first episode, the face of Master Chief was revealed.

And what does he look like? Well, much as you'd expect. I mean, it's Pablo Schreiber... the actor who plays Master Chief.

You can check out Master Chief's full unmasking below (thanks, visioncy).

Judging by the YouTube comments, many fans have been left disappointed by Paramount's decision to show Master Chief's face in the show. After all, this is not at all like the games.

"I get they didn't want to be like The Mandalorian, but they shouldn't have shown his face," said commentor Juicee Kay.

"Maybe cut to the back of his head and still have the scene. Like imagine Darth Vader or Samus showing their face after their first battle. It's weird."

Huy Dang adds: "[Paramount] REALLY need to learn the lore of the franchise and know things about the Master Chief that make him great. Like, I dunno, NEVER ever seeing his face.

"The mystery of what the Master Chief looks like has always been a question long pondered by fans and should remain so, because it's what makes him Master Chief."

However, according to Pablo Schreiber, removing Master Chief's helmet early on in the show was needed to allow fans to disassociate with their own video game version of Master Chief.

"In a first-person shooter video game, the character is created very specifically for the purposes of the game, you're meant to believe that you're the Master Chief," Pablo Schreiber told Polygon.

"But the character is never revealed in any excessive way, so that you can project your own personality onto him."

Schreiber goes on to explain: "It was very important early on that the helmet comes off, you see the face, and you disassociate your version of who you believe the Chief was.

"Rather than being co-creator of the experience as you go along and believing that you're Chief, we're now inviting you to sit back on the couch and watch Chief start to discover elements of himself."

Executive producer and director of the Halo show Otto Bathurst has previously said: "What people see will be different from what they've expected... And hopefully a strong percentage [of fans] will be pleased with it.

"But listen, I'm sure it's going to ruffle some feathers."

Turns out they were right, as these feathers be ruffled!

But even with all of this feather ruffling going on, Paramount has already announced that Halo will be getting a second season, so expect to see that face even more.

Meanwhile, Xbox Games Pass Ultimate subscribers can now claim one month of Paramount+ for free (although please note this offer is only available in selected countries).

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