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Halo TV show getting second season on Paramount Plus

Suit up Spartans.

Even before season one makes its debut, a second season of Halo for Paramount Plus has been announced.

Last night, Paramount announced via Twitter that Halo Season two had already been ordered. The short tweet additionally told Spartans to "suit up" in anticipation of the show's season one premiere on 24th March.

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The renewal of a TV show ahead of its first season may seem surprising, but it is becoming more commonplace recently. Amazon has done the same thing with its upcoming Lord of the Rings adaptation.

With higher production costs (there is no way those Spartan suits were cheap), increasing a show's longevity makes better business sense.

Hopefully it will deliver on the goods when the show releases, which, for our UK based readers, will be "by this summer" when Paramount Plus launches here (via Halo Waypoint).

The upcoming Halo series will star American Gods' Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief Spartan-117 and Jen Taylor as Cortana.

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