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Twitch streamer beats "impossible" $20k Halo 2 challenge

Last Man Standing.

A Twitch streamer has achieved the impossible by completing the $20,000 (£16,400) Halo 2 challenge.

The challenge, set earlier this year by streamer Charlie "Cr1tikal" White, was that someone had to complete the entirety of the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign without dying on Legendary difficulty, with all "Skull" modifiers on.

The effect of the modifiers range from increasing the health of enemies to all enemies being permanently cloaked. The only modifier that must be kept off is "Envy" skull, which replaces Master Chief's torch with an active camouflage system (because that would make things too easy).

The bounty was initially set at $5000 (£4100) but was raised to $20,000 after no one claimed it.

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Despite the higher bounty, it almost looked like no one would be able to accomplish such a feat, at least until now.

Yesterday, after multiple events, streamer Jervalin finally completed the challenge in just under six-and-a-half hours.

It's an impressive feat, and frankly puts to shame my own first person shooter skills.

Jervalin's accomplishment was also noticed within 343 Industries, with senior community manager John Junyszek making a congratulatory tweet.

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