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Microsoft celebrates 20 years of Xbox Live

Halo from the other side.

Where has the time gone? Can you believe that Xbox Live first went, well, live 20 years ago?

But, yes, it really has been that long. On 15th November 2002, Xbox Live (now known, at least officially, as the Xbox network) arrived in our lives, adding online capability to the original Xbox.

The service's popularity saw a steady increase after the launch of Halo 2 and, needless to say, Microsoft has not looked back since. By January 2021, Microsoft reported there were more than 100m Xbox network subscribers (with this figure including those signed up through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription tier).

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Now, in honour of this milestone, those that have been with Xbox Live for the past two decades will be presented with a shiny new badge acknowledging their commitment to the service (a digital one, please don't expect Phil Spencer to turn up on your doorstep with an enamel pin for your jacket, although I wouldn't say no to this).

This badge, like others, will show up on your Xbox Live profile, and has - as you would expect - the number 20 in the middle. You can see how it looks below.

Meanwhile, others have taken to sharing their own homages to Xbox Live's anniversary. Just look at this needlework!

Happy Birthday (plus one day) Xbox Live!

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