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343 backtracks on adding a premium currency to Halo MCC

Fallback Spartan.

343 Industries has announced that it will not be adding purchasable Spartan Points into Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Back in June, 343 discussed the idea of introducing Spartan Points, a premium currency to unlock items within the game.

The idea was that given there are over 1000 customisation items in MCC which were added over the years, it could be overwhelming for new players or those who only hop into the game occasionally.

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Spartan Points then would provide a shortcut for those players who aren't willing to grind through the game.

If that sounds like a standard industry justification for adding a premium currency into a game, that's because it is.

Perhaps least surprising of all, the community was not happy about the proposal, leading to 343 canning it yesterday.

"We can confirm that we will not be further pursuing purchasable Spartan Points for MCC," 343 wrote.

However, the studio has stated that it was looking at other ways to reduce the progression barriers faced by new players, such as increasing the rewards for completing challenges and bringing back Double XP Weekends.

"We are also looking to enact changes to the earn rates of Spartan Points and remove barriers that players have been facing. The 100-point cap is being removed, retroactive points will be granted, and we will be making further adjustments to Challenges to make them more rewarding, along with bringing back Double XP Weekends."

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