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Production on Season 2 of Paramount's Halo adaptation has begun

"The Spartans have landed."

Paramount has revealed that filming for the second season of its Halo adaptation has kicked off.

"The Spartans have landed in Iceland," the company announced earlier. "Season 2 starts production now."

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Along with this news, a new shot was also shared, showing said Spartans in, well, Iceland.

Lined up against the lush background, the photo shows actor Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief, along with his castmates, all of whom look very happy to be back on set (and no, they are not wearing their helmets).

Halo was renewed for a second season even before the first had made its debut.

On the show's subsequent release, it stirred up a few controversies amongst the Halo community, as Master Chief showed his face in the very first episode.

From there, he then went on to show off his naked butt and also - spoiler warning - have sex before the season's climax (that pun was not intended but now I've written it I quite like how it worked out).

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