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Apparently, that Chevy Tahoe in Paramount's Halo trailer was meant to be there

But the levy was dry.

Despite being loaded with Spartans and warthogs left, right and centre, the trailer for the upcoming Halo TV show that debuted at the Super Bowl was mostly discussed because it featured a Chevy Tahoe in the background.

Why exactly was this car there? After all, the Chevy Tahoe in question is a GMT800, a model from the early noughties. Given that that is roughly 500 years before Master Chief's time, it is unlikely that any of these cars would actually still be around.

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo The Series (2022) | First Look Trailer | Paramount+

Well, not according to Halo showrunner Steven Kane. In fact, during a chat with Polygon, Kane claimed the Tahoe was there for a reason.

Kane discussed how the team at Paramount Plus worked closely with Halo developer 343, with every prop being thoroughly considered and chosen specifically for the set. So, there is no way something as big as a car could gave made its way onto the show without it being an intentional decision by the production team.

"For people who haven't spent time in the game industry, there's no such thing as too fast a shot to notice something," adds Kiki Wolfkill, a studio head at 343 and Halo's executive producer. "We have to assume every single frame will be examined."

Clearly this was a pretty good assumption, as people certainly noticed this apparent anachronism that was absolutely planned and not at all a mistake.

"It's both frightening and exhilarating to know people care that much", said Kane.

Meanwhile, the production team were keen to stress that Halo the show is not going to be the same as Halo the Xbox classics (you will even see Master Chief's face in the show).

"What people see will be different from what they've expected," said executive producer and director Otto Bathurst. "And hopefully a strong percentage [of fans] will be pleased with it.

"But listen, I'm sure it's going to ruffle some feathers."

But even with some potential feather ruffling ahead, Paramount has already announced that Halo will be having a second season.