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Ubisoft confirms that its upcoming PvP battle arena game "Project Q" is real

"By the way, this is not a Battle Royale…"

Ubisoft has confirmed that leaked footage of a new and unannounced project codenamed Project Q is real.

Confirmation came just hours after footage of the game - reportedly taken from the first closed test of the team battle arena - was shared online.

"So, we heard you heard…" Ubisoft tweeted, acknowledging that the leak was indeed real. "Introducing codename Project Q, a team battle arena letting players truly own the experience! The game is in early development and we will keep testing, so for now all you can do is register for upcoming tests.

"By the way, this is not a Battle Royale. The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one single goal in mind: FUN!" another tweet clarified.

Perhaps most interestingly of all for a company thoroughly engaging in controversial NFT and blockchain tech, Ubisoft added another tweet to the thread, confirming right from the off that Ubisoft doesn't "have plans to add NFTs to this game".

If you'd like to take part in the closed test, head on over to the game's sign-up page, which confirms the PvP game is heading to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. You can alaso play on PC via Ubisoft Connect.

Interestingly, the sign-up page has seemingly been updated to remove details about the new game, but initially it stated that Project Q was an "innovative and modern PvP battle arena game" in "early development". The closed test was reportedly the titles' "first playable closed test" in order to glean feedback from players about "the concept of the game and on the core gameplay experience".

A curious list of PC games was leaked from a datamine of Nvidia's GeForce Now service back in September. At the time, Nvidia responded to the leak saying the games were "speculative" and "used only for internal tracking and testing", though various projects on that list were reported to be real - if in some cases outdated.

However, Ubisoft pulled a Streisland Effect by issuing a DMCA notice against the dataminer leaving us in no doubt that at least one of the Ubisoft games on the list - Project Over, Project Q, Project Meteor, and Project Orlando - was a legitimate project. It remains to be seen if Project Q is the one and only accurate leak included on that list...