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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Save on some recent hits in The Game Collection's Easter sale

Discounts across all platforms.

With a couple of big games released so far this year, such as Elden Ring and Ghostwire Tokyo, there's a chance in the coming month or so to catch up with other recent titles. This is an ideal time given we'll all be gearing up (mentally) for a summer of new gaming announcements from our corporate overlords.

Luckily, The Game Collection understands this, and is offering a range of great titles at some excellent prices during their Easter sale. The sale will last until May 1st, unless some titles end up going out of stock, so grab whatever you want soon.

There are some neat titles and discounts here. Persona 5 Strikers, the action RPG that's a Persona 5 spin-off, is down to just £19.95 for the Nintendo Switch. Empire of Sin, the strategy RPG from Romero Games is also significantly reduced at just £10.95.

Over on the bigger consoles, Resident Evil Village is down to £19.95 on the PS4 (with free PS5 upgrade) and £22.95 for the Xbox. And Ubisoft's recent new entry in their open-world shooter-adventure Far Cry 6 is seeing a similarly hefty discount, down to £20.95 for the Xbox and £22.95 for the PS4 (with free PS5 upgrade).

We've compiled some of the better games and discounts below to help you make the most of this sale.

PlayStation sale: Xbox sale: Nintendo Switch sale:

If you're on the hunt for another discount like we are, check out our Jelly Deals Twitter feed. We're always updating it with the latest deals on games and accessories for all platforms.