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Everybody's Golf PS4 losing all online features, shutting down servers in September

Fore closure.

Everybody's Golf will soon be downgraded to Everybody's Golf As Long As They're All In the Same Room, following Sony announcement it'll be ending the PlayStation 4 game's multiplayer support and taking its servers offline from September this year.

More specifically, the Everybody's Golf servers will go permanently offline from 30th September 2022, meaning all online multiplayer modes and other online features - including the likes of leaderboards and certain trophies - will cease to be available from that point on.

Everybody's Golf - PS4 Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Gematsu has compiled a full list of online features getting the chop as of October, so do have a peruse and plan accordingly:

  • Open Course selection
  • Participation in International Tournaments
  • Turf War
  • Checking the latest Daily Ranking
  • Checking the latest Copy Ranking
  • Partial viewing of the Notice Box
  • Partial browsing of This Month's Items
  • Partial browsing of Last Month's Items
  • Purchase and use of Warp Medals
  • Acquisition of some items related to fishing
  • Reporting of players
  • Viewing of latest Profile Card plus number of times copied
  • Partial browsing of the Library
  • Acquisition of the Platinum Trophy "Push it to the Limit!"
  • Acquisition of the Gold Trophy "Walking Encyclopaedia"
  • Acquisition of the Bronze Trophy "Online Debut"

Everybody's Golf launched for PlayStation 4 in August 2017, meaning its online features will have survived just past its five-year anniversary come switch off day, but their termination does regrettably mean fans are now entirely devoid of Everybody's Golf online options on PlayStation, given that none were included in the more recent Everybody's Golf VR.

All is not entirely lost, however; players with an iOS device and an Apple Arcade subscription can get their fill of similar styled, jovially presented online golfing action via Clap Hanz Golf, a portable spin on the Everybody's Golf formula from the same development studio.

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