New Everybody's Golf

A vibrant interpretation of golf that expands on the series' distinguished lineage without compromising, or distracting from, its strengths.

Everybody's Golf review

Few sports labour under as much socio-political baggage as golf. It is a game popularised by royalty, spread by Empire, and moderated by prejudice (exhibit 1/59,674: Lord Moncrieff who, in 1902 decreed that women should only be allowed to play providing they not hit the ball further than 70 yards in order to remain graceful to onlookers).

Everybody's Golf

Developer: Clap Hanz

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Everybody's Golf lands PS4 release date

Everybody's favourite golf franchise Everybody's Golf returns with the launch of its latest game - also titled Everybody's Golf - for everybody in Europe on 30th August.

(Everybody in North America, you can buy the game on 29th August instead.)

New features include character customisation, online play and... fishing. And buggy racing. And "treasure hunting". All of which are definitely not golf.

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