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Watch Ian try out a slice of Everybody's Golf VR

Don't let the fact that he's a bit green at golfing putt you off.

Someone famous once said that golf is a good walk spoiled, so it's probably a good job then that Everybody's Golf VR is a completely stationary experience. By cutting out all those boring strolls it means the game and its player can concentrate on pure, unadulterated virtual golfing across three gorgeous, 18 hole courses.

In the video below, you can watch me whack my way around 6 random holes as I try to work out whether or not Everybody's Golf VR is a duff or a hole-in-one. Although, please bear in mind that I knew absolutely nothing about real-life golfing before recording this video so what follows is very much a 'noobs-eye view' of the game.

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As you can see, I took to the game like a Duck Hook to water and that's mainly due to how intuitive the in-game user interface is. Being able to your practice shots before taking them and having a host of meters and indicators to help you judge the power and angle of each shot makes everything super simple to pick up. Even if, like me, you've got no idea what each club is called and what they're fore.

So, for beginners to golfing at least, Everybody's Golf is a fun and very easy way to pick up the sport. But what about those of you who actually know about golfing and play it in the real world?

Well, you'll be pleased to know that the tracking of the Move controller is pretty much spot on and I didn't notice any kind of controller drift or inaccuracy at all. Holding a single Move controller with two hands like you would the grip on a club feels just like you're holding the real thing, which adds a lovely sense of immersion to the proceedings, but the game is also playable with a DualShock 4 if needs be.

Everybody's Golf VR also seems to suffer slightly from a lack of modes when compared to other games in the series, especially when it comes to multiplayer. The online components for this game are limited to online leaderboards only (and the option to get new caddies as DLC at some point in the future), so that means no versus or co-op multiplayer. What may come as an even bigger disappointment for series fans though is the complete lack of local multiplayer modes too.

While it does look to be a slightly watered down version of previous games in the series, Everybody's Golf VR is a perfect fit for PSVR and I had a great time playing it, despite my lack of experience on the fairway. The stationary nature of the game means there's absolutely no risk of motion sickness either, so I'd say it's an ideal starting point for any golf enthusiasts out there who may be nervous about trying VR for the first time.

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