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Battlefield 2042's latest update finally brings voice chat

As well as a whole raft of other improvements.

Five months after the game's release, Battlefield 2042 finally has voice chat (VoIP) support.

Update 4.0, which was released on Tuesday, made over 400 fixes, bugs, and quality of life improvements, in addition to voice chat and a new End of Round scoreboard.

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Here are the main changes and bug fixes in the update:

  • Balance adjustments to Specialists such as updated Traits for Rao and Paik, and improvements to Sundance's Specialty, with a focus on their Anti-Armor Grenades being more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity
  • Vehicle balance changes such as making the M5C Bolte's passengers easier to target, and a reduction in power for its Missile Launcher
  • Fixes for being unable to ADS after exiting a vehicle, or being unable to revive players near objects
  • Improved Ribbons and XP Events to make them easier to unlock across modes.
Updated behaviour while customising the AC-42.

Another significant change is an overhaul of the weapons attachment system. Previously, players criticised attachments for having little to no perceptible effect on their weapons. With the overhaul, DICE hopes attachments have a "unique and noticeable" on weapons.

You can read about all the changes in the update here.

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough road to get to this state. Last week, the game dropped to less than 1000 concurrent players on Steam. Last month, it was reported that DICE had learned "important lessons" from the game's release in an internal meeting.