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Battlefield 2042 Steam concurrent players fall below 1000 for first time


New figures show that player numbers for DICE's Battlefield 2042 keep on falling, with less than 1000 concurrent users playing via Steam this morning.

A thread on ResetEra revealed that as few as 979 players were shown to be taking part in the game on Steam earlier today, with a peak of 2411 players in the last 24 hours. In comparison, 2018’s Battlefield 5 had a peak of 20,913 players over the same 24-hour period.

These numbers are pretty dire for such a relatively new game, especially one in such a longstanding series, but at this point aren't a surprise. After all, in November, Vikki reported that Battlefield 2042 was one of Steam's worst-reviewed games of all time, with one user stating the game's “issues are endless”.

EA acknowledged the wide-spread disappointment felt by many in a Town Hall earlier this year. Oddly though, the company decided to place the blame on the release of Halo Infinite and the pandemic for its failings.

The shoddy state Battlefield 2042 released in led to many taking matters into their own hands, with a petition demanding refunds across all platforms now surpassing 230k signatures.

In Eurogamer’s review of Battlefield 2042, Martin called it the weakest of the series.

"Battlefield 2042 feels like the most muddled, compromised and confused entry in the series yet - a more existential problem than faced by the likes of Battlefield 4 through its similarly troubled launch," he wrote.

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