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Here's a look at Pokémon Go's official trading cards

Collect 'em all.

Pokémon Go's upcoming set of official Pokémon Trading Cards has been shown off, with several dozen designs now available to browse.

Due to launch on 1st July via various box sets and booster packs, this "first wave" of products marks an unusual collaboration between the long-running Pokémon TCG and a Pokémon game not made by main series developer GameFreak.

Pleasingly, many of the designs feature nods to the game - such as stalwart Pokémon Go gym defender Blissey pictured sat atop a Valor gym.

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Pokémon Go team leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark all get their own cards, while other designs include AR-like images of Pokémon in real-world settings, plus items such as gifts and lure modules. Here's a full gallery for you to explore:

This week saw the global rollout of Pokémon Go's much-anticipated Mega Evolution revamp, which includes new bonuses for Mega Pokémon, a fresh levelling mechanic, and the ability to re-Mega Evolve a creature for free (finally!).

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