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Final Fantasy creator calls out Square Enix for price of $11.6k FF6 statue

"Are you okay Square Enix?"

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has called out Square Enix for the price of a new statue that costs just shy of $11.6k (1.48m yen).

The previously announced 1/6 scale figurine was revealed last weekend and is available globally as part of its Masterline series. It features Final Fantasy 6 character Terra riding Magitek armour.

Sakaguchi responded on Twitter saying "Isn't this a bit much? Are you okay Square Enix?", according to several translations shared by Kotaku.

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The Masterline series is intended for serious collectors and began with a series of NieR: Automata statues to celebrate that game's 10th anniversary.

Yet, while the Terra statue looks stunning - it's incredibly detailed and features adorable Moogles - when even the series creator baulks at the cost, it might be a little overpriced.

The statue has been created with supervision from legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.

"The sheer existence of it and the presence that it commands is very impressive," he said in a promotional video (see above).

"It's as if a fictional world has become a reality. You'll understand exactly what I'm saying once you see it in person. I hope you have the chance to do so one day."

That seems very unlikely.

It's also not the first piece of pricey Square Enix merch recently revealed.

For the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix is selling hand-crafted glass cups at 77k yen a pop in Japan - that's around $600 each.

Would you drink from it, or be too scared to touch it?