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Square Enix amends the train suplex in Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster

On the right track.

Square Enix has made a major change in its Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster.

"Yes, you can still suplex the train in Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster," read a tweet on 13th February promoting the forthcoming release.

Except the suplex wasn't quite right.

Fans of the game - originally released on the SNES in 1994 - will know there's a boss fight against a Phantom Train, and martial arts character Sabin is able to suplex the train.

In the video, though, the train didn't flip upside down during the animation as it should, meaning it technically wasn't a suplex.

Fans were in uproar, but thankfully Square Enix will amend the animation in the final release.

"We're still hard at work polishing Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster in time for launch next week, and we saw some of your comments that the Phantom Train didn't flip during Meteor Strike. The video was taken from a pre-release version, and will be adjusted in time for launch!" read a follow up tweet.


The Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster is due out on Steam and mobile on 23rd February.

It includes reworked art and music, quality of life gameplay features, a modernised UI, and - of course - a train being properly suplexed.

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