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Final Fantasy 6 is coming to Steam next week.

Costs £10.99.

Final Fantasy 6, i.e. the one with the opera, is coming to PC via Steam on 6th December, publisher Square Enix has announced.

It will be cost £10.99, though it will be 10 per cent off during its first week on sale.

This port of the 1994 classic will feature updated controls, an optimised active-time battle system, and graphics previously recreated by character designer Kazuko Shibuya. It will also include Steam Achievements and Trading cards.

Final Fantasy 6 was notable for allowing players to assume the role of multiple characters. It tells the tale of an escaped prisoner named Terra Branford who just so happens to be the last magic user in a steampunk world based on neo-rustic tech.

Check out how this restoration looks in the Final Fantasy 6 PC trailer below:

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