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Gwent spinoff Project Golden Nekker not coming to consoles

Cards on the table.

CD Projekt Red's Gwent spinoff game, codenamed Project Golden Nekker, will not be coming to consoles on its release.

Chatting to IGN, Gwent Comms lead Paweł Burza stated that the game would only be launching on PC, iOS, and Android, on an unspecified date later this year.

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This is something game director Vladimir Tortsov reiterated during a This Week in Gwent stream, which is hosted by Burza.

"With consoles, we left them for a reason," Tortsov said. "There was obviously some good about them otherwise it wouldn’t be released on consoles in the first place, but for live service games with frequent updates it was a really tough experience.

"Overall, since we're not there, we're not planning to bring any of our spin-offs to consoles at this point."

Gwent itself was initially available to play on consoles. However, in December 2019, CDPR announced it was stopping console support for the game, stating it did not feel it would be able to keep offering the best support to all players now the game was available across multiple platforms.

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