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CD Projekt unveils Gwent's next free expansion Master Mirror

And it's out at the end of the month.

Developer CD Projekt has shared first details of Master Mirror, the fifth expansion for its card-battling Witcher spin-off Gwent, which comes to PC, iOS, and Android on 30th June.

Master Mirror adds over 70 new cards to Gwent's current roster, each themed around The Witcher 3's greatest villain, Gaunter O'Dimm - also known as the Master Mirror or the Man of Glass. There are faction-specific cards - including new "evolving" Legendary cards that grow stronger with each passing round - as well as 11 neutral cards usable across all factions.

Additionally, Master Mirror introduces new statuses and abilities, designed to expand the strategic possibilities available during combat. These include Veil, which can shield units from detrimental status effects or prevent them from gaining beneficial ones, and Rupture, which will damage an effected unit by a value equivalent to its power at the end of a turn.

You'll find a number of other new mechanics - such Devotion, Echo, Veteran, Conspiracy, and Symbiosis - detailed over on the Gwent website, along with the nine new expansion cards currently revealed so far: the Wandering Treant, Oakcritters, Young Dryad, Angry Mob, Squirrel, Oneiromancy, Tyrggvi Tuirseach, Marlene de Trastamara, and the Master Mirror himself. Expect more reveals as the expansion's 30th June launch approaches.

Master Mirror will be free for all player, but CD Projekt is offering a number of pre-order bundles, including the £40.19 Gaunter O'Dimm Pre-order Pack - which includes 25 Premium Master Mirror Kegs and a Gaunter O'Dimm neutral leader skin - and the Cursed Mirror Pre-order Pack, featuring 10 Master Mirror Kegs and a Master Mirror evolving cardback for £12.09. You can get both as a bundle, along with the unique "Immortal" title, for £44.19.

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