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Dying Light 2 has surpassed 5m copies sold since launching in February

As sales of the original exceed 20m.

Dying Light 2 might have had a rocky road to release, but it looks like the project has paid off for developer Techland; the studio has revealed its zombie parkour sequel has surpassed 5m copies sold across all platforms since its launch at the start of February, with that number reflective of sales as of 28th February and said to be "significantly growing" each month.

By way of comparison, we can look toward Dying Light's original instalment, also regarded as a sizeable hit for the studio. That game - according to new figures released by Techland today - has now sold 20m copies since launching a little over seven years ago in 2015, meaning its follow-up really is off to a flying start.

All that suggests a healthy future for Dying Light 2 - doubtlessly reassuring for Techland, given the developer has already committed to five years of post-launch DLC support for the game. Already that promise has brought the likes of new armour, weapons, events, and challenges to the game, with the first bit of substantial post-launch story content scheduled to arrive this June.

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So far, Techland has only confirmed a total of two story DLC releases as part of its post-launch plans - alongside more weapons, events, enemies, and even paid DLC - so it'll be interesting to see how its roadmap continues to develop now that Dying Light 2 appears to have landed squarely in 'certifiable hit' territory. And of course, there's still the delayed Switch version to come, now due later this year.

Dying Light 2 has been generally well-recieved since launch, even managing to secure a Eurogamer Recommended badge when it arrived back in February. Techland's "vast blockbuster buckles under its own ambition and lacks in innovation," said Martin Robison in his review, "but makes up for it with outstanding parkour and combat."