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Monster Hunter Rise promising "exciting reveals" at next Sunbreak stream in May

Plus new gameplay, monsters, and more.

Capcom's been taking the slow and steady approach to revealing more on Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion since its initial unveiling last year, but now, with its 30th June release approaching, the news is coming faster, and the publisher is promising "exciting reveals" and more for its next digital event on Tuesday, 10th May.

Precisely what will feature remains a mystery, but, alongside those aforementioned "exciting reveals", Capcom is also promising new gameplay, a look at some new monsters, and other currently unspecified treats. If your interest is suitably piqued, proceedings kick off at 3pm in the UK/7am PDT on 10th May via Twitch, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s director, Yoshitake Suzuki, will be on presenting duties.

Capcom’s previous Sunbreak digital event was a biggie, giving us a release date, a look at some new monsters, as well as an introduction to the expansion’s new hub area - the bustling port town of Elgado Outpost - and its new map, The Citadel. The latter promises to deliver a diverse range of biomes, including lush forests, icy mountains, and foggy swampland, with a huge ruined castle as its centrepiece - and we got an extended tour in a subsequent video.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Three Lords Trailer.Watch on YouTube

As for new monsters - which will serve as targets for seasoned hunters in Sunbreak's more challenging Master rank quests - Capcom has so far revealed the ape-like Garangolm, elder dragon Malzeono, and fanged wyvern Lunagaron. We also know these newcomers will be accompanied by new subspecies such as the Blood Orange Bishaten and returning classics like the flying wyvern Astalos, first seen in Monster Hunter Generations.

One thing we haven’t seen much of yet, however, is Sunbreak’s previously promised new hunting actions, so perhaps they’ll pop up as part of Capcom’s 10th May digital event.

Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion will be available to purchase digitally for both Switch and PC on 30th June, and Capcom is releasing a combined Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak bundle at the same time. And if you’ve not yet experienced the wonderful base game and remain curious, Rise is half price on Steam until 11th May, costing £24.99/$29.99 USD.