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Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion gets June release date on PC and Switch

Plus first proper reveal in latest livestream.

It's been a long wait for new information on Monster Hunter Rise's "massive" Sunbreak expansion following its reveal last September, but Capcom has now delivered in its latest Digital Event livestream, showcasing some of the expansion's new features and slapping it with a 30th June release date on Switch and PC.

Sunbreak will, we're told, pick up immediately following the resolution of the base game's Rampage storyline, with the expansion's new story arc kicking into gear when previously revealed new monster Lunagaron - plus Dame Fioyrane, a royal knight from a distant kingdom - are sighted in Rise's familiar Shrine Ruins area. Capcom reminds players that Sunbreak can be accessed after completing the 7-star hub quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder in the base game and that a selection of powerful support items are now available to players via a recent free update should they want to accelerate their progress in preparation for the expansion.

Following Sunbreak's introduction, players will depart for new climes, arriving in the bustling port town of Elgado Outpost, which serves as the expansion's colourful new hub area. As you'd expect, it features all the usual facilities hunters are likely to require as they begin the journey through Sunbreak's new Master Rank missions, and even brings a fresh roster of faces - including Admiral Galleus, leader of royale knights, quirky scientist Bahari the Researcher, Chichae the Quest Damsel, Minayle the Blacksmith, Oboro the Merchant, and more.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Three Lords Trailer
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Three Lords Trailer.

From Elgado Outpost, it's just a short hop to Sunbreak's brand-new area, The Citadel. This expansive new region shifts from lush forests to icy mountains - all incorporating new endemic life, including morphed wirebugs and marionette spiders - with a huge ruined castle, the remnants of a once prosperous civilisation, as its centrepiece.

As you'd expect, a new environment means challenging new monsters, and Capcom detailed a small number of these during its livestream. There's Grangolm, a big armoured monkey thing, whose left arm is covered in moss and right arm in magma, meaning he's able to attack with both fire and water when enraged. There's also fanged wyvern Lunagaron, which can cover its body in ice to act as body armour, and rears up to begin slashing with its powerful claws.

Together with Sunbreak's elder dragon Malzeono, Lunagaron and Grangolm form a powerful trio known as the Three Lords, and hunters will need to work with the area's royal knights to save the kingdom from impending calamity

In addition to those new creatures, Capcom also gave a quick glimpse of Blood Orange Bhisaten - a new Bishaten subspecies that throws exploding pine cones - plus returning flying wyvern Astalos (first seen in Monster Hunter Generations), which can generate electricity in its horn, wings, and tail, and is truly devastating when fully charged.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Game Awards Teaser (Nintendo Switch)
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Game Awards Teaser.

That, though, is pretty much all there is to share in terms of the new stuff right now - although Capcom did reiterate the expansion will also introduce new play mechanics (here, only referred to as "new wirebug actions", so presumably more will be revealed at a later date), alongside its new story, monsters, locations, and rank.

For those that already own Monster Hunter Rise, the Sunbreak expansion will be available to purchase digitally on 30th June, in both standard and deluxe editions. Anyone opting for the latter will also get the Dragonsbane Hunter layered armour set, the C Hound Palamute layered armour set, the F Devout Palico layered armour set, Take Aim gesture set, Fight poset set, Elegant Eye face paint, and Fluffy Curls hairstyle. Capcom notes this additional content will be available to purchase separately. Additionally, a Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak bundle is being released for players that have yet to experience the superb base game.

Pre-purchases will be opening later today (and we should have full pricing details just as soon as they do), and those that choose to hand over their cash ahead of release will get the Striped Cat Costume layered armour set for Palicos and the Loyal Dog Costume for Palamutes as a bonus. These will likely also be available to purchase separately at a later date.

And if that wasn't enough in terms of purchasing options, Capcom is also releasing three new amiibos - Malzeno, Felyne Malzeno palico, and Canyne Malzeno palamute - which can be used to unlock the Formal Dragon layered armour for hunters, palico, and malamute in-game - alongside a daily lottery giving a variety of useful items.

Capcom says it'll continue releasing new event quests and content into the base game until 25th March, and that a new title update will arrive for all players alongside Sunbreak on 30th June. This 13GB patch will bring weapon balance adjustments, new item packs, and character edit vouchers for everyone, and is also required for online play. And in terms of Sunbreak's post-launch support, expect "several" free title updates after release.

One last time then: Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion arrives on 30th June. Hooray!