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Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion shows off "ravenous beast" Lunagaron in new teaser trailer

Coming to PC and Switch next summer.

Capcom's brilliant Monster Hunter Rise is, very excitingly given how good the base game is, set to get a "massive" paid expansion next summer in the form of Sunbreak, and we've now been given a fresh look at its action - and new monster Lunagaron - in a new teaser trailer.

We initially got a taste of Sunbreak's moody new climes in September, when Capcom brought first news of the expansion. However, as part of this year's Game Awards, the publisher has traded pre-rendered cinematics for what appears to be in-engine footage. Granted, we're still talking cut-scenes here, but it's nice to get a more tangible look at the game as its release drawers slowly nearer.

It offers a glimpse of a brand-new monster coming in the expansion - which Capcom has now confirmed to be the "ravenous beast" Lunagaron - as well as a brisk peek at Sunbreak's new setting, the island of Elgado, looking considerably more sunbleached than expected, given the moody twilight hues seen elsewhere.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Game Awards Teaser.Watch on YouTube

Beyond that, details remain pretty limited as far as Sunbreak goes, although Capcom previously promised new stories, locations, and monsters, as well as new hunting actions and a new quest rank - very much in the same vein as Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches next "summer" for Switch and PC, and speaking of the PC version, that's due to arrive on 12th January next year.