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Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion hits PlayStation and Xbox in April

Lagombi kidding me.

Hopefully you've been making good progress on Monster Hunter Rise since its launch on Xbox and PlayStation back in January, because Capcom's just announced its stupendous Sunbreak expansion will be hitting those very same platforms on 28th April.

Sunbreak originally released for PC and Switch last June, introducing a wealth of new content to Rise. There's the challenging new Master Rank, the new Switch Skills Swap function - enabling players to register two attack loadouts for a quest - plus new area The Citadel.

The latter is a diverse new zone, featuring the likes of lush forests, icy mountains, foggy swampland, and a huge ruined castle as its centrepiece, and arrives alongside a new hub area in the form of bustling port town Elgado Outpost.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Xbox and PlayStation announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

As you'd expect, there are plenty of new monster too - including fearsome elder dragon Malzeno and the return of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's flagship monster Seregios - and, wonderfully, it enables players to take NPC characters into battle as companions.

It's brilliant stuff, and well worth diving into if you've enjoyed Monster Hunter Rise's base game. Sunbreak makes its debut on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 on 28th April.