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The fresh arts and styles help mask the musty taste of recycled material, but Generations is still a new recipe with old ingredients.

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Monster Hunter: Generations review

Being a long-time fan and a three-time reviewer of Monster Hunter, I feel like I've seen it all. I must have sunk somewhere between 500 and 750 hours of finger-cramping killing and crafting into Capcom's series, and, although I'm not exactly a god-tier G-Rank player, I know my way around a Kut-Ku's cojones. Nonetheless, each iteration of the series manages to do just enough with its new lick of paint to keep me coming back for more - gilding that wonderful lily of the central gameplay loop with near-perfect filigree.

For me, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was the apex of the series so far, recovering perfectly from the misstep of Tri's clumsy underwater combat by adding dry-land verticality and the frenzied rodeo of monster mounting. Refreshing the mechanics without disturbing the series' perfect balance of difficulty, charm and achievement, MH4U's tinkering left me wondering whether there was anywhere left for the developers to go.

So I approached Generations with some caution. The changes here are considerable, with deep ramifications for combat, and I feared that this might have been one facelift too many. Thankfully, Monster Hunter is more Clooney than Wilderstein, and the new features add another charming wrinkle to its sparkling smile.

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When turn-based RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories' Japanese release date was announced earlier this year Capcom revealed that it would release three Amiibo alongside the game's 8th October homeland launch. Now it's revealed an additional wave of three Amiibo coming on 8th December.

Firstly, and most importantly, it's worth knowing this: you can now play as a Felyne in Monster Hunter. That alone is likely worth the price of admission for most people. It certainly is for me. Stepping into the paws of the rambunctious, adorable cats that are the mewing heart of the Capcom's long-running series isn't quite a revelation, but it's a lot of fun nevertheless, their simplified movesets and capacity for resource gathering making them the ideal way to kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter: Generations launch date tracked down

Monster Hunter: Generations - aka Monster Hunter X - will launch in Europe on 15th July.

The 3DS game is set to arrive with a special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, too:

Generations introduces a new mode for beginner players where you control a Felyne - one of the game's anthropomorphic cat characters. Dubbed as Prowler Mode, it simplifies the game but still allows players who use it to team up with others playing the game normally.

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Monster Hunter: Generations announced for summer

Monster Hunter: Generations announced for summer

Monster Hunter X retitled for the west.

Monster Hunter X is coming to the western world as Monster Hunter: Generations this summer on 3DS.

This marks the first game in the franchise to let you play as a Felyine, i.e. an anthropomorphic cat.

Those with Monster Hunter 4 save data will be able to access bonus content.

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Watch 26 minutes of Monster Hunter X gameplay

Watch 26 minutes of Monster Hunter X gameplay

Jump for joy (with any weapon now).

Monster Hunter X (pronounced "Cross") now has a Japanese release date of 28th November along with a slew of new details and gameplay footage.

YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has captured 26 minutes of gameplay footage from a Japanese Capcom livestream and boiled it down to some of its more salient points in the more convenient nine-and-a-half minute video below:

Perhaps the biggest new addition in Monster Hunter X is four fighting styles that can be performed with all 14 weapons. The Aerial combat style lets you jump with any weapon, another focuses on countering, a "Guild" style preserves the classic control schemes we all know and love, and a fourth style is still under wraps but our YouTube presenter/translator Arekkz here thinks it has something to do with "super moves".

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