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Halo Infinite livestream interrupted by secret teaser

Fans speculate points to battle royale.

Last night's Halo Infinite Season 2 Community Livestream was interrupted by a secret teaser, which fans speculate hints at the game's rumoured battle royale mode.

The teaser, which played while 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard and community manager John Junyszek were going through cosmetic unlocks in the Season 2 Battle Pass, showed the logo for a company called "Lux Voluspa" before we hear two voices panicking about a "missing core".

The clip ends with a woman ominously saying "they're here" and the return of the "Lux Voluspa" logo with the slogan: "Artificial Minds. Real Solutions."

Skip to the 1:13:35 mark to see the tease in the video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite | Season 2 Community Livestream

The Livestream then returns with the usually scheduled broadcast of Jarrard and Junyszek discussing their favourite colour schemes. The two do not acknowledge the interruption.

It's difficult to know what exactly the clip was teasing, but Halo does have a history of alternate reality games (ARGs), so this could lead to something a lot bigger.

Earlier this month, 343 Industries showed off Season 2, Lone Wolves, which comes with two new maps and a few more game modes. To the surprise of fans, 343 also stated that Season 2 will now last six months, compared to the previously stated three.