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F1 2022 gets a release date - and VR is finally on the menu

It is I, LeClerc.

F1 has entered its new era in fairly convincing fashion, with the 2022 season delivering some great action and a revised order - and now, as the circus rocks up at Imola for the start of the European season EA Sports has lifted the lid on this year's model of the official game.

F1 22, as it's monikered, will of course feature all the tracks and new cars of the new season, alongside tweaked physics to take into account the ground-effect enabled cornering speeds of the new breed. It'll also offer the debut of the new Miami circuit, as well as a refined race day experience that offers both 'Immersive' and 'Broadcast' modes, with the former putting an emphasis on you making the big decisions while the latter allows for a more relaxed experience.

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Perhaps most significantly for long-running players of the series VR support will finally be available on PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift players.

There's a release date of 1st July - which will see it landing just ahead of the already sold-out British GP - and before then a selection of shots let us get a sneak peek of F1 22. Be warned, though, that the car models are all based on the 2022 show car rather than the actual ones being raced - which, we're assuming, are all being hammered out by developer Codemasters as we speak.